Private Trainings

Taking a private training at MAA Studios is investing in your career and ultimately yourself. Whether you need a quick 4 hour session for working on an issue you have been struggling with in your lash practice or you want the entire “university lash course” I have options for you. Of course, every private training includes snacks, a kit and a certificate.

Please contact me by email for further details or to book.


Bordeaux Mega Volume, Colour Lashing Techniques and Cover the Gaps Private Training

Two Days, $2200 CAD

This is an intense and comprehensive course designed to give you the skills to create flawless and efficient russian volume lash sets whether for portfolio or clients.

Topics Covered in the course:


  • Anatomy

  • Eyelash Extension materials, types, curls and how to use

  • Glue- good vs. bad, glue chemistry, effective usage of glue

  • effective prepping of eyes for lash extension application

  • the perfect fan

  • threading, wrapping, crystalizing

  • layering

  • perfect line

  • smoky line

  • distance from eyelid

  • placement

  • working with inner corners

  • thickening the line

  • how to cover gaps

  • colour effects

  • techniques for achieving colour effects

  • extensive styling and use for specific eye shapes and lash densities

  • how to correct downward facing corner lashes easily

  • photography and styling

Model can be provided upon request

Private Mentoring

4 hours- $450 CAD

This is a perfect solution if you just need to work on a few aspects of your lash practice. Model can be provided upon request. Payment is due at time of booking. After Booking I will contact you by email to discuss what you would like to work on :)

Private Classic Lash Training

2 Days- $1100 CAD

  • BC regulations and hygiene requirements

  • Infection control

  • supplies needed for doing a set of eyelash extensions

  • Eyelash Anatomy

  • Eyelash extensions compositions, types, sizes, lengths and curls

  • Glue Composition and different types

  • Proper storage, treatment and usage of glue

  • Using a hydrometer for maximum retention

  • How to manage finicky glue situations (curing too slow or curing too fast)

  • Styling

  • Preparing the eye for application (taping, eye patches checking for strays)

  • Proper placement

  • Proper isolation

  • Stickies

  • Eyelash extension removal

  • Client education about aftercare

  • Marketing and photography

Lash University

3 days- $3200 CAD

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you have ever needed or wanted to know about eyelash extensions. You will leave with a perfect set photographed for your portfolio. This class is intense and is designed for passionate artists newer to the industry that want to add some jet fuel to their career.