Lash Extension after care is part of great retention. Follow these simple guidelines for maintaining your extensions:

  • absolutely no mascara of any kind should be applied to your extensions or your natural lashes before an appointment. The oils in mascaras will break down the eyelash glue. The oils in mascara will also fill the cuticles in the natural eyelash and make it very hard for glue to bond to the natural lash. This decreases retention as there is no textured surface for the glue to bond to.

  • be mindful that eyeliner and eyeshadow on your top lid and mascara on your bottom lashes can migrate to your lash line and contribute to the breakdown of the the glue.

  • wash your lash line at least every three days

  • brush daily

  • following these simple guidelines will ensure your extensions will last nicely until your next three week fill

When brushing your eyelash extensions, make sure you are brushing from the top down as seen in the video. As you brush downward, lightly press your brush into the extensions and roll it downwards. Make sure you are always angling your movements slightly to the outer edge of the eye, in line with the flow of the extensions, to brush the extensions evenly and achieve perfect separation of the individual fibres.

A great hack if you are in a rush and your extensions are wet. Make sure the hair dryer is set on LOW as to avoid excessive heat. Try blow drying for 15- 30 seconds and then brushing out.