Hi! My name is Laura and I am from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I own and operate MAA Studios in Victoria, BC where I provide customized eyelash extensions for my beautiful clients as well as train my intelligent and talented students in the art of Russian Volume and Classic Eyelash Extensions. I have also developed a growing product line of eyelash extensions tools and materials that feature high quality products with fully biodegradable packaging.

My mission is to provide exceptional quality and attention to detail in all of my services and products while lessening the negative environmental impacts to our precious oceans and earth. The word MAA is Finnic for “earth” and is often used as a prefix when describing things or activities that are considered close to the natural world.

I am a licensed Bordeaux Russian Volume Trainer. I received my license on November 22, 2018 from Nelly Soimina in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am licensed by the inventor herself to teach you the art of Bordeaux Russian Volume which I believe is an essential skill for any serious lash artist.

Colour is my passion and I am so excited to be the first to offer you exclusive education in colour lashing. One day classes will empower you with all of the knowledge necessary to make amazing lash art- like what you are picturing in your head!

My professional background before lashing lies in Photography and Front Line Health Care. I received my BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC in 2004 and worked as a professional photographer throughout Canada. I have also displayed and sold my art in dozens of shows internationally since 1998.


Proud Day in Alamaty, Kazakhstan receiving my diploma from Nelly